North East Women's Hockey League
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"The tournament and the trip to Toronto were really fun. I thought the Canadian teams we played were great and I think our team benefited from playing these Canadian teams. We're going to be even better next month in Montreal."

– Sarah Wilkie

"Even though we came from all over the Northeast, I felt a common desire to do our best, which isn't always true with teams. NEWHL is going to bring my hockey to a higher level and at the same time let me make new friends I will never forget."

– Cara Jankowski

"I loved meeting the girls on my new team, and look forward to a great summer of tournaments with them. I also had a lot of fun skating against those challenging teams with my new teammates, and throwing Kaly Spilhaus in the pool with some of my new friends."

– Katelyn Couturier

I have something positive to say about the tournament. One of the best things about these tournaments is meeting new people and making friends with them. Also being able to play with the best is a lot of FUN!!!!

– Jenny MacArthur

Brampton was a great time. I learned that whether you know your teammates or not you can still pull together and have a great game. Coach Scott was very helpful, not to mention meeting a real NHL player was AWESOME. Through all the ups and downs in Canada, it was a really great experience. I would love to go back.

– Ally Strachan

It was exciting to participate in the worlds largest girls tournament. The Canadian skaters are amazing. They are a lot faster, stronger and more skilled than we are, yet we played with them and didn't lose too badly. We had great goalies.

– Kylie Dalbec

I had a really great time at the Brampton Tournament. Playing teams that were a couple years older than me was a great challenge that I really enjoyed- I loved the competition and it was great for my game. My teammates were all so enjoyable to play with, and I think by the end of the weekend we had all become friends as well. Consequently, the nine or so hour bus ride home seemed a lot shorter, and I almost felt myself regretting leaving my teammates. The parents were also all really nice and helpful.

Overall, it was an awesome weekend and I had a blast! We were in hockey country playing the sport we love, surrounded by the people who invented it. It was hockey heaven, and it could not have gotten any better.

– Tara Connolly

I really enjoyed playing against the Canadian players. They were much older than our team but they were not as better as everyone thought they were going to be. The Hockey Hall of Fame was a great place. I wish I was not sick part of the time and I would have had more fun so I hope we get to go back next year. We looked sharp in our purple "bling" from Bob!!

– Caitlin Re

Through this tournament I met several new friends and I played against a higher level of hockey than I usually do. I had a lot of fun even though we didn't exactly win.

– Hannah Bartlett

This trip was a wonderful experience. It was wicked fun and had a good level of competition. This was a trip always to remember and hopefully we can do it again.

– Paige Hardtke

The Spring League has allowed me to adjust to a difference style of play. One I did not know I could do until now. I have always played for one organization with one distinct style and the first couple of weeks it all seemed kind of strange but now I am having a blast!

– Name Withheld

I wish there was something like this closer to where I live, but it is great that I am allowed to play in more than one game each weekend. The level of play is amazing and I know that this has really helped to improve my game.

– Alyssa Cowles

I enjoy playing in the Spring league because I get to see friends from my past that I have not seen in a while or make new ones and play with them or against them. There is no pressure. It is all fun and you can play as many games as you want.

– Caitlin Re